Available courses

Fall 2018 BC Course

In addition to the "Firefighting Seminars" Fire Tech will also begin a Battalion Chiefs Course. This will be a Battalion Chief test specific and will contain multiple choice questions that address problem areas relevant to the duties and perspective of a battalion chief (Sizeup, Command and Control, construction concerns, apparatus, line placement, extension, communications, safety, manpower, overtime, accident investigation.) The topics that will be covered in each class will be selected areas from Firefighting Procedures, Chief Dunn’s book on collapse, Brannigan’s book on construction, BISP and administrative topics that B.C.’s deal with frequently and are considered “hot topics”, as well as other A.U.C.’s and miscellaneous bulletins that relate to the duties and responsibilities of a Battalion Chief

Staring in January 2018, Fire Tech will begin a Series of Seminars which will focus primarily on firefighting and emergency tactics which are highly likely test areas found on everyLieutenant’s, Captain's and Battalion Chief's exam.