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Method of computing seniority: Use the following chart to determine the score for Seniority for permanent
service in the eligible title(s), subject to the conditions below:


If Your Date of Permanent
Appointment to Firefighter is:



If Your Date of Permanent Appointment to Firefighter is:



You Will Receive:

You Will Receive:

12/15/19 or after

not eligible

3/15/16 - 6/14/16



9/15/19 - 12/14/19

76.000 percent

12/15/15 - 3/14/16



6/15/19 - 9/14/19

76.500 percent

9/15/15 - 12/14/15



3/15/19 - 6/14/19

77.000 percent

6/15/15 - 9/14/15



12/15/18 - 3/14/19

77.500 percent

3/15/15 - 6/14/15



9/15/18 - 12/14/18

78.000 percent

12/15/14 - 3/14/15



6/15/18 - 9/14/18

78.500 percent

9/15/14 - 12/14/14



3/15/18 - 6/14/18

79.000 percent

6/15/14 - 9/14/14



12/15/17 - 3/14/18

79.500 percent

3/15/14 - 6/14/14



9/15/17 - 12/14/17

80.000 percent

12/15/13 - 3/14/14



6/15/17 - 9/14/17

80.250 percent

9/15/13 - 12/14/13



3/15/17 - 6/14/17

80.500 percent

6/15/13 - 9/14/13



12/15/16 - 3/14/17

80.750 percent

3/15/13 - 6/14/13



9/15/16 - 12/14/16

81.000 percent

12/15/12 - 3/14/13



6/15/16 - 9/14/16

81.250 percent

12/14/12 or earlier




Terms and Conditions Governing Credit for Departmental Awards:
Service in titles other than the eligible titles will not be given seniority credit, except as provided by law. No credit will be given for more than the actual amount of service an eligible has, except as provided by Section 243 of the NYS Military Law. Any employee who, pursuant to court order or otherwise, has been accorded retroactive seniority by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services in the title of Firefighter or other eligible title shall be given appropriate credit.
Note: See “FORMER POLICE SERVICE” section, and “EFFECTS OF A BREAK IN SERVICE” section, below.
Awards: Use the following chart to determine the credit to be added for Departmental Awards.

For Each of the Following Awards:
Roll of Merit, Class 1
Roll of Merit, Class 2
Roll of Merit, Class 3
Service Rating A
Service Rating B
Unit Citation
Pre-Hospital Save Commendation (post 7/1/07)

Add the Following:
1.500 percent
1.000 percent
0.500 percent
0.250 percent
0.125 percent
0.063 percent
0.063 percent

Terms and Conditions Governing Credit for Departmental Awards:
a. Credit for awards is granted in one successful examination only, i.e., an examination in which the participating candidate attains a place on the eligible list and from which list he/she is subsequently
promoted and passes probation. Credit for an award will not be split between two promotion exams. If a candidate previously reached the maximum on Seniority and Department Awards for other promotion exams by using less than the full value of an award, the remainder of the value of the award will not be granted on this examination.
b. Credit for awards must be used by the candidate at the earliest opportunity, i.e., in the first successful examination following acquisition and recognition of the award. Credit for awards will be granted in date order, i.e., oldest awards will be credited first.
c. Only departmental awards which have actually been granted on or before the date of the written test will be credited.

The maximum score attainable for seniority and departmental awards is 100%.

Seniority and Awards and Veteran’s Preference Credits will be awarded only to those candidates who pass the multiple-choice test. Any additional credit earned for awards beyond the maximum may be granted in a subsequent promotion examination, except for awards given partial credit as indicated in "a" above.

FORMER POLICE SERVICE: Any member of the uniformed force of the Fire Department who was appointed on or prior to April 9, 2006, and who, immediately prior to his or her appointment to the position of Firefighter, has served as a member of the Police Force in the New York City Police Department (in accordance with Section 15 -111a of the New York City Administrative Code), the New York City Housing Authority Police Department, or the New York City Transit Police Department (in accordance with Section 15 - 111.1 of the New York City Administrative Code), shall have such time counted as service in the eligible title(s) in the Fire Department in determining promotion eligibility and seniority credit, provided the pension fund contribution required by Section 15 -111a of the New York City Administrative Code is made.

EFFECTS OF A BREAK IN SERVICE: The period of a break in service will not be credited toward eligibility to take the examination, eligibility to be promoted or in the computation of seniority credits. Additionally, any time served prior to a break in service of more than one year will not be credited for these purposes.