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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the next Lieutenant, Captain and BC Test be given?

In most cases, FDNY promotional exams are given 8-12 months before the list expires. This is because it takes 9-12 months for DCAS to provide the FDNY with a new list after they give the test.
BC List expires -
Captain List expires -
Lieutenant List expires -
So based on the expiration dates, the FDNY trend to give tests in advance, and several other factors, Fire Tech predicts the following range of dates at this time:
BC Test:

Captain Test

Lieutenant Test:
Any Time From: Late Spring of 2022 to Fall of 2022

2. When should I start studying / and for how long?

It is good to get started slow 18-24 months before the test---this allows you to get the books, start reading 10-15 hours a week, then increase it gradually, get used to reading questions, etc....
Before you know it - it will be September - and you may only be less than 12 months before a test date
Everyone is different - but we all have a lot going on - so the sooner you get started - at a gradual pace - the better

3. Spring 2022 - Fire Tech is having a FINAL Company Officers Course - What is a Company Officers Course and who is it for?

Company Officers Course is typical Fire Tech style classes with a 50-60 question test, 7- 8 slides, followed by a review of the test / slides from seasoned instructors.
The "Company Officer" means that the class is built around a Critical topics - like "Fireground Communications" and "Fireground Emergencies" that all Lieutenants and Captains are expected to know.
These classes not only help you pass a promotional exam – but also make you a better Firefighter and / or Fire Officer
These classes are for “Both Ranks" - as they will cover topics that could be seen on both exams
A Company Commanders Course dealing with Company Commanders Specific topics that would only be on a Captains exam, will be covered in the Company Commanders specific program.

4. Will Fire Tech have an Online Program?

Yes--Fire Tech will continue with a Company Officer Program

5. How do I get a complete set of books?

Books are available only through the FDNY Intranet. Use the Document/Books drop down link, select the FD Books link then click the “Order FD Books” link and follow the link directions.