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As you may already know, the Promotional exams scheduled for May 16 (Lieutenant) and July 8 (Captain) have been postponed until further notice.

Unfortunately, Fire Tech instructors have been down this road many times before as both students and classroom instructors. It is very frustrating to be close to your destination, and then get derailed. You must be prepared to hear a lot of rumors on when the tests will be given. Do not listen to rumors, as history has shown they are usually untrue and can throw you off your game.


First, ask yourself where you are at:

  • If you were ready - you need to go on a maintenance program, and then step on the gas when the time is right.

  • If you were behind - now is your time to catch up. But don't be fooled, anything is possible depending on how this pandemic unfolds.

Over the last two weeks Fire Tech had to run two classes online (including a trial exam) because of the uncertainty of the direction the pandemic was headed, and the lack of information available at the time. The Practice Exam Breakdown is posted in the "On-Line Study Program - Reading Assignment"  link at the bottom of the page as a pdf file.


Fire Tech is now going to take the following steps to get you to the finish line:

1.   Beginning Monday April 20th, Fire Tech will post approximately 50 questions each week online once you are logged into Moodle. This will go on until there is more clarity of a new test date. These questions will be available to all current students and written by Fire Tech instructors. This will be an assignment specific program developed to help you through this challenging time.

2.     When specific information comes down regarding test dates, Fire Tech will reinstitute its classroom program based on the date of the exam.

3.   You are owed 5 classes. Please hold onto your enrollment cards, but we do have a database just in case one of your kids or pets swipes your card!

4.   The 5 remaining classes are all great finishing classes designed for right before the test so we do not want to use them now when the test date is uncertain.

5.   Depending on the situation and the test date that may or may not be sufficient. We will decide that based on how this unfolds.

6.   In the mean time, don't drop your guard. First paint the house, then clean the yard, then get back to studying!


On behalf of all of us at Fire Tech, we are committed to seeing this through and look forward to guiding you to the finish line during these unprecedented difficult times as we have done in the past. We'll get through this together.