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We hope you have had a nice summer and been utilizing our weekly free program of online questions to keep your study program going.

These are very frustrating times for everyone in every facet of life including promotional tests. And there have been a myriad of rumors circulating concerning the Lieutenant and Captain promotional exams. And now DCAS has informed the FDNY that due to the COVID pandemic and budget concerns there will be no FDNY promotional exams for Captain and Lieutenant "THIS YEAR".  The ONLY thing certain is the uncertainty!


Unfortunately, Fire Tech has seen this happen all too many times. Exams announced - Exams postponed, agreed upon formats - fighting over formats. In the early 1990's, the Captains test was postponed three times, totaling 18 months of delay. Captain candidates who intended on studying for 18 - 24 months studied for 3 - 4 years. On 9/11 - the Department was 6 weeks from administering a Lieutenant's test that was subsequently delayed well over a year. We could go on and on with stories since 2002 that you all probably know.


Studying is a marathon event. However the course just went from 26 miles to "mileage will be 26 plus". And because of these changes, there will be winners and losers down the road. We want you to be a winner - down the road!


So Fire Tech will attempt to clarify four things: What we know, what we don't know, what you should be doing and what will Fire Tech be doing to assist you through this challenging process.


What we know:

  • Eventually there will be a test

  • It appears that the exams are either written or close to written--meaning that if DCAS wants to suddenly give them they would not need much lead time

  • There is no requirement for a minimum notice to those who filed for an exam--there are no rules specifying 90 days notice 

  • The exam could be announced and given with very little notice

  • The Department was working vigorously to give these exams in the fall, and kept all informed as much as possible

  • The Captain's exam should be first because it is a much smaller group of candidates and easier to execute

  • Both lists were extended for only one year

  • Next August 24th, the FDNY might have no promotional lists for these two ranks


What we do not know:

  • What does "THIS YEAR" exactly mean

  • Will the Covid come back or subside

  • Will the Covid become controlled by therapeutics and vaccines

  • How the budgets issues get resolved and when

  • When will DCAS become interested again in giving promotional exams

  • Are there other factors at work that may make the exams resurface earlier than you expect


What you should be doing:

  • You should be maintaining your state of readiness

  • If you are close to ready, get and stay on a maintenance plan - still reading and doing questions - but at a much slower pace for now

  • You should be prepared for only 30-60 days notice as you may not be given much notice

  • If you were or are not close to ready you should be using this time to catch up and / or bypass your competition

  • DO NOT BURN OUT - but stay ready,

  • Realize these tests could possibly be given in 6-8 months

  • No one really knows when the test will be given

What will Fire Tech be doing:

1. Starting this September through February, Fire Tech will continue the interrupted Spring Semester that had 5 classes (Weeks 11-15) remaining

2. Fire Tech will be presenting the 5 remaining classes with audio lectures, PLUS 4 additional Captain Classes at no additional charge. This will also include a practice TRIAL EXAM

3. All students studying for both exams can take all 9 classes (the extra classes are free)

4. Lieutenant candidates should be aware that the Captain's classes will have about 10-20 questions that are Captain specific - and we will point those questions out to you

5. However be aware, many of the questions in the Captain's classes could be on either exam

6. All classes will be given online where you can either do the lesson in a computer based format, print the lesson and "NOTES" sheets and follow along with the power point presentation at your convenience. These lessons will remain available on-line until the exams are given so that they can be watched and reviewed as often as the student would like. (We did this for Classes 9 and 10 in March and it was well received)

7. During the off-weeks, we will continue to give you 50 free questions via our on-line program

8. It seems certain the exams will now be given in 2021 - we will announce further plans at that time


We will guide you through this nightmare. At the end, whenever that is, your dreams can still happen.


Remember, DO NOT BURN OUT - Now is the time for jogging, not sprinting! Spend time with your family, enjoy the great job we have, stay positive, your day will come!


We greatly appreciate your loyalty to Fire Tech and will continue our loyalty to you by doing what we have done for 4 decades - Fire Tech will carry you to the finish line.


Please check the schedule below for your reading assignments, instructor and class date releases.